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Want a fun, free way to show off your photo strips? Well… you are in luck! Digital Centre created an App for all Digital Centre PhotoBooth users to share their fun times.

MyPhotoCode is the first social network application for PhotoBooths. Simply download the App to your smartphone and begin sharing your funny photos with friends, family and the world of Digital Centre PhotoBooth users.

This wonderfully fun App allows you to share, meet people, locate the nearest PhotoBooth to you, and much more…

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  • SHARE SECURE with all their user names, passwords or emails. Users never type any confidential data at the public kiosk.
  • Post on Facebook, Twitter and email automatically
  • Post at the WALL and get votes
  • Meet other PhotoBooth Users and vote them
  • Monthly TOP 10 gets prizes
  • Locate nearby PhotoBooths
  • …..and much more coming
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Better than receiving a daily report by email, this APP will give you detailed information in Real Time.

The modern day enhanced equivalent of email reports, gives you an interactive map where you can see your location and the location of your PhotoBooths. It will also warn you if any of your machines are running out of film, has a full cash box, or is not working properly. Easily configurable, it lets the user decide when and how to receive warnings, and allows them to contact Digital Centre for reordering film by simply pressing a button.

  smartphone MyPhotoCode  
  • Running out of Film?
  • Cash box full?
  • The PhotoBooth should be ON?
  • Full report
  • My Locations
  • Order Film automatically
  • News
  • Upgrades
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      Download the app at Apple Store.

Only for Digital Centre customers who already own Digital Centre PhotoBooths.

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